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Fall Movie Preview!

Goodbye summer, hello fall!

It’s the one season with everything: sweater weather, ASU football, pumpkin-flavored everything, and of course great movies.

Here’s what we’re excited for, skeptical about, and just downright not going to see this fall:

Most Excited to See: The Theory of Everything – Nov 14 (Trailer)
This looks like an amazingly beautiful movie about how Stephen Hawking met his wife Jane at university. As their love blossoms, however, he is diagnosed with ALS and given two years to live. I’m sure I will sob all the way through it, seeing as the trailer made me cry.

Skeptical, But Probably Still Gonna See It: Into the Woods – Dec 25 (Trailer
Another popular musical is adapted to film. We’ve seen this go well (Les Mis) and okay (Jersey Boys). I’m not super emotionally attached to this play. Maybe going in with low expectations will make me enjoy it.

No Way Am I Seeing This: The Boxtrolls – Sep 26 (Trailer)
I was originally intrigued when I saw the first trailer, because the art and design is so breath-taking. But since then I’ve seen more plot in other trailers and it does not look good at all. Disappointing.

Most Excited to See: Fury – Oct 17 (Trailer)
Just from the trailer, the visuals and the acting in Fury look amazing. Based in Nazi Germany, Fury looks to be the perfect kind of historical fiction; capturing the grittiness of war and marrying it with a sensational story that feels unlikely and entirely possible at the same time. I’m going to have to check this one out in theaters.

Skeptical, But Probably Still Gonna See It: Dumb and Dumber To – Nov 14 (Trailer)
When I first found out they were making a sequel of one of the funniest movies of all time, and that it’d be starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, I was so excited. Then the trailer came. There definitely seem to be some aspects of what made the original so great in tact but the Farrelly brothers seem to have added a whole lot of extremely crude and sexual humor this time around and that’s not really my thing. I’m probably going to see it but I don’t have very high hopes that it’ll even come close to the original.

No Way Am I Seeing This: The Judge – Oct 10 (Trailer)
Talk about a movie that’s trying way too hard. It looks to be about the most cliched movie ever made and I really want nothing to do with it. This is also by the director who made I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry back in 2007, so take that as you will.

Most Excited to See: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – Dec 19 (Trailer)
I think this series has been my most anticipated movie for the past like, four years. Or at least since they announced the project. I wasn’t as big a fan of the second as I was the first, but I still have high hopes for the remaining installments.
Honorable mentions: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1The Maze Runner

Skeptical, But Probably Still Gonna See It: The Book of Life – Oct 17 (Trailer)
The first time I saw the preview for this movie, I thought it could be okay. The second time around it looked less appealing. I’m not really sure why. I think the idea of Channing Tatum in an animated movie kinda freaks me out. But I’ll see it anyway, mostly because I think Jordan will make me. 😉

No Way Am I Seeing This: The Interview – Dec 25 (Trailer)
I can’t exactly put my finger on it but there’s just something about Seth Rogen that drives me up the wall. I just can’t stand him, and I usually don’t enjoy his movies. I think this movie will definitely have some good humor, but I’ll probably be the only person not to see it.