We’re back from summer hiatus! And we’re back with a bang!

For those of you into astrology, you know that the end of July marks the beginning for the Leo sign. But for the rest of us, Leo just makes us think of one thing: LEONARDO DICAPRIO. (Sorry, DaVinci.)

Really, we’re just finding any excuse to watch Leonardo DiCaprio movies. Because he’s greatest.  So for the next five Tuesdays, we will have special posts looking at the best and worst of our favorite post-Growing Pains star.

Let’s kick it off with a round of Trifecta!

Most Popular – Titanic (1997):
Uh DUH. This was Leo’s breakout role that finally landed him on the map. There really is no other choice for this category. And if you haven’t seen this movie, you either live under a rock, or were born in ’97, am I right?
Worst – Critters 3 (1991):
If we’re being completely technical here, Critters 3 would take this category. It received a 0% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, making it literally the worst.
Most Underrated – What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993):
This is young Leo, even younger than Titanic Leo. He plays Johnny Depp’s younger, autistic brother. It’s such a great performance for his age. I also feel like he gets overlooked in this film due to Depp being the lead.

Most Popular – Titanic (1997):
Now Leo’s been in a lot of huge, very popular movies over the years but for me it still comes back to Titanic. Titanic launched Leo’s career and it’s impossible to think about one without the other. It’s also a really great movie, one of those watch-on-a-Saturday-afternoon-on-TNT kinda movies. Plus… “Near, Far, Wherever, You Are…”
Worst – The Beach (2000):
Awful, just awful. Now, disclaimer, I haven’t seen this movie for a few years and should maybe revisit it, but from what I remember it was all around terrible. It’s a jumbled story wrapped in philosophical themes that just falls completely flat on its face in the last third of the film. J. Edgar is a close second for me, I’d avoid either of them if possible.
Most Underrated – The Aviator (2004):
I’ve always given this spot to Catch Me If You Can in the past, but I’ve realized The Aviator is a bit more underrated. Whereas a lot of people simply forget about CMIYC being a great movie, most people I talk to haven’t even watched The Aviator to begin with. It’s an amazing biopic following Howard Hughes’ descent in becoming a recluse, featuring one of DiCaprio’s most masterful performances of his career. If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a go, it’s a long movie but it’s wonderfully paced and you won’t be disappointed.

Most Popular – Titanic (1997):
It’s one of the most popular movies of all time. Nothing else stands a chance.
Worst – J. Edgar (2011):
Kurtis and I redboxed this a while back. And it turned out to be a very similar experience to watching The Master. In theory, with great actors and interesting character arcs, you should get a good movie. Not the case. You only get instant regret.
Most Underrated – Romeo + Juliet (1996):
It doesn’t even land this in the Top Ten most critically acclaimed for Leo. but it should. So give this movie some love and rent it. Or show it to a ninth grade English class; that’s where I first saw it.


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